I was born on 1975 in east of Iran.I went to university in 1995 , and I was graduated from graphic university in 1999. Back to the old days, I remember my grandfather who was a carpet designer. He brought me to the magical world of art, color and symbols. I was curious about the art and it made me to think more serious about it in future.

I was interested in photography since my childhood. I took my first pictures at the age of thirteen. I continued photography after entrance to university in a professional way. I always have my camera with me in order to catch interesting event which take place around. My photo collection is mostly gained from my travels. My exhibition photos are from my travels all around the world.

I started painting under supervision of Mr. Hussein Maher in 1995. Up to now, I attended in several group exhibitions with my colleagues.

This technic has a very old background in Iran: using broken tiles and mosaics together and creating a unique performance. Iíve worked in this field since 1995. I also held several courses as a teacher at mosaic work. I had several personal exhibitions and a big work for Tehran municipality.


The first time I played a role was in front of my uncle’s camera. Second time was eighteen years later in a short documentary film. This film was about first Iranian actress (Roohangiz Saminjad) and I played her role. I acted in my first professional film two years later. Its name was born on September. Till now I played in more than 25 films and serials.